Find out WhatsApp Business API can do

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that has made its name in history as a revolutionary app that outperforms texting. It arose from the need for a free messaging program that allows people from anywhere to communicate with anyone else who has the app.

In past years, WhatsApp has come a long way. It started out as a simple-looking app that only supports text messages and media. However, WhatsApp quickly added a wide list of features to its collection.

As smartphones have become more widespread and affordable, particularly in parts of Asia such as India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, WhatsApp has recognized the potential the app offers companies.

In fact, WhatsApp’s largest market is India with 340 million users. At SEA, Indonesia outperforms the chart with the largest number of users at 84.8 million, while Saudi Arabia is the largest WhatsApp app market in the Middle East.

This happened when the company moved from being a consumer-focused messaging app to a powerful marketing toolkit that could enhance your business prospects with WhatsApp Business API.

What’s the WhatsApp Business API

In short: WhatsApp API is a WhatsApp software interface that can help companies receive messages and send them to multiple users on a large scale.

You may have encountered the term API several times without knowing exactly what it meant. We’re going to split it up for you.

The API is a program that makes it easier for two apps to communicate with each other. When you use any app to send a message, query a search or post an image online, you use an API.

WhatsApp’s API is similar to business. Your business can help connect with other users through your WhatsApp Business API account.

Although this may seem complicated, it’s fairly clear once you understand how it can contribute to your business.

What can whatsapp Business API do?

We live in a digital world where everyone is connected to the Internet at all times, and chances are that they are one of the two billion active users of WhatsApp.

With more than 50 million WhatsApp Business users worldwide and growing, more companies adopt the platform every year.

WhatsApp API can do countless things for your online business, so why does your business need to start customer service on the app? Here are examples of WhatsApp API for what it can do for your business.

Customer support wherever they are

Using chat bots with WhatsApp Business API can reinvent customer support initiatives, helping you help customers directly on their phones, when they need them.

You can quickly respond to customer support queries directly from the app, even if support representatives are not available.

WhatsApp API chat bot services can enjoy intuitive and personal conversations with customers. This helps sort queries in complexity, allowing only the most important support tickets to be transferred to real agents. This can significantly improve your efficiency over time.

Recommend products and solutions with the customers you are talking to

When shopping online, customers are often confused about what to choose from among the thousands of options offered to them. Unlike shopping in stores, they don’t have the opportunity to see and feel the product and may have many questions about the products they care about.

The WhatsApp API can analyze customer shopping behavior and recommend the products they want. This helps customers find the products they love without bothering to search a catalog of thousands of products.

Allow payment under one platform

Salesforce reports that up to 74% of customers use multiple channels to complete the transaction. Today, users expect otherwise.

They want smooth trips that start and end in the same place. Whether it’s renewing your premium or rechargeing your phone number, WhatsApp Chat Bot is all users need.

You can also use WhatsApp API to allow transactions directly where your customers choose their products. WhatsApp’s good chat bot software will engage users in offers and send the payment link when it’s time to convert.

Collect comments immediately to see how you can agree

Collecting comments is an important part of developing and marketing your product. With Chat Bot through WhatsApp’s Business API, you can measure what your customers need by collecting relevant comments. You can use this collected information to improve your product or service as well as make your customers feel important.

Collect insightful data and understand users better

Artificial Intelligence-backed LatBot can collect a lot of user data from interactions you make with users. Over time, you can use this data set to improve customer satisfaction, quickly resolve customer support tickets and even create more effective marketing campaigns.

WhatsApp Chat Bot helps you market very well

WhatsApp Business API stands out as a preferred option for small and large businesses alike. This is because of the app’s huge user base that allows you to reach most people on their phones. Therefore, they don’t need to download a third-party app they don’t trust.

If you have a smartphone, you’re probably a WhatsApp user. We’re all used to the beautiful green messaging software interface that has made it so easy to use the app over the years.

Your users are always available on the app, they always check, read and consume information on WhatsApp throughout the normal day. This helps WhatsApp penetrate its reach to people across ages and demographics.

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