Features that WhatsApp Chat Bot should have 2022

The perfect features for your WhatsApp chat Bot

WhatsApp Chat Bot revolutionized the workplace. While 77% of companies believe email is now ineffective for communication, 45% of employees say chat Bot tools in the workplace help increase productivity, and 49% say they help increase team cooperation.

When it comes to business, speed is the most important thing that distinguishes business. People waste 40 minutes at work every day because of slow technology. This is more than a week of lost productivity per year per employee.

That’s why with WhatsApp Chat Bot in the workplace, we’ve been active in doing more than just messaging. We wanted to do everything immediately. Includes text messages for quick conversations.

WhatsApp Chat Bot must be emotionally intelligent

Independent thinking

WhatsApp ChatBot should be able to logically deduce solutions without the need for human intervention. For example, WhatsApp Chat Bot based on the status history of users should be able to provide solutions to new users.

Think about design, think about experience

WhatsApp ChatBot shouldn’t be talkative and talk useless, it should give the user an experience. One way is to make sure messages are formulated and designed so that users don’t get bored and lose interest. WhatsApp ChatBot conversation must be trained to avoid any problems.

All-inclusive channel

WhatsApp ChatBot should not be available 24/7, but must also be available on all media (web, mobile, etc.). WhatsApp ChatBot multichannel can ensure this situation without the need for additional coding and maintenance.

Maturity in conversation

The best WhatsApp ChatBot services should be able to proactively search for information along with advanced conversation capability. You should also be able to ask explanatory questions during a non-linear conversation.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is a great customer service

In most cases, companies and their employees have the impression that WhatsApp ChatBot will replace customer service agents. However, this is not the case. Human representatives are also necessary.

The more your business uses WhatsApp ChatBot services, the more you’ll need a way to simplify everything.

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