Designing a contact page on your website 2022

When we listen to the term web design, we might think about the website home page, product pages, or blog. Web designers often neglect the power of the contact page and this is a fatal mistake, building a trust contact page with potential buyers. Gives your business credibility and turns visitors into potential customers.

The Web Usability Report says that 51% of online users believe that detailed contact information is the critical missing element in many of the company’s websites. Furthermore, 44% of site visitors will abandon your website if there is no contact information.

Here are some tips on designing a featured contact page

Make it easy for customers to find your contact page

Companies that do not provide an easy-to-find contact page are often seen as unreliable. For this particular reason, you should not let visitors to your website look for your contact information. Place links to your contact page where visitors expect to find them.

Users often search for contact information in the upper right corner of the website or at the bottom of the appendix. This is simply the standard web design.

Next, choose a clear and easily recognizable name for your contact page. Your goal is to help users easily find your contact page link. The most common forms of names are:


• Help

• Contact us

Use automatic and quick response services to support your customer support team

The advent of WhatsApp Chatbot, backed by artificial intelligence, has made communication between brands and customers faster. However, many customers still prefer to talk to “real people” rather than WhatsApp Chat Bot.

You should build your contact page trust with users by helping them identify members of your customer support team. By knowing the names of the people behind your email, call center and live chat support, customers will trust your customer support team more. Above all, since they know who they are talking to, they will be more polite in their interaction with your team.

Your call channel center

Your contact page should focus on all communication and customer support options in one place. You should use more than one method, and we recommend using WhatsApp to communicate with customers and create your own WhatsApp Chat Bot.

Regardless of whether a website visitor wants to use live chat, contact your support or sales team, or use their knowledge base, they can easily find links to the pages they want on your contact page.

User-oriented communication page design

When you visit your contact page, each customer has different needs, problems, questions and expectations. That’s why providing one-size-fits-all connectivity options doesn’t cut them anymore.

For example, if a customer forgets their password and wants to reset it, you’ll be expected to provide a quick answer to their question. Your contact page should direct them to your knowledge base, where they can find a step-by-step help document about resetting passwords.

Instead of filling out the contact form and waiting for hours or days to return your email, the customer will solve the problem himself. Statistics say that 40% of customers prefer self-service to human interactions.

Inform customers of your response times

When a customer communicates with your support team, they are expected to provide immediate feedback. Therefore, if you don’t provide real-time customer support, tell customers how long they’ll need to wait for your team to return to them, or instead use WhatsApp Chat Bot from WhatsApp and design the automatic answer to FAQs that can’t wait to be answered.

The quality of customer support depends on the question the customer asks. For example, if their queries are clear and concise, you’ll be able to direct them to the right customer support agent and provide quicker feedback. However, if customer support queries are vague, your customer service team will need to ask additional questions before submitting comments.

Make the contact page simple and concise

Designing your contact page is important, but it must remain as simple as possible. There is no need to add animations or other distractions. Instead, information should be allowed to shine.

Create contact pages while prioritizing the most important information. Viewing all the required information in a fun way is an achievement in itself, so don’t add any unnecessary complications.

Questions to help you build your contact page

When thinking about your contact page, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can we guide customers to the right channels?
  • Can we provide the same quality of support across all our channels?
  • What can we do to determine customers’ expectations and build their trust even before they talk to us?

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