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Attracting potential customers is the ultimate discipline of online marketing. It is not only important to draw the attention of the interested party to your company, but also to turn the interested person into a potential buyer. The interested party qualifies to be an expected customer if it provides the company with its data (email address, phone number, etc.) for further interaction. They therefore express a growing interest in purchasing the product or service.

The challenge for companies today is to convince potential customers of their products. While it was possible to create mainly qualified leads by calling their phones, companies now have a range of different communication channels at the reach of their customers. In the past, addressing consumers in their immediate environment has not been easy, but now in our digital age it is easier than ever and more difficult at the same time. After all, there are many seemingly identical presentations, complex sources of information, and fear of data misuse make potential prospects cautious.

The purchase usually includes several points of contact until the customer makes the concrete purchase decision and approaches the company. Not only does the customer receive comprehensive information about the product’s features, benefits and price, but other factors such as the relationship with the customer and the purchase experience also affect the purchase decision. It is therefore important to reach the potential customer during the customer’s journey to develop the product without intruding.

Take advantage of the customer’s journey with WhatsApp Chat Bot

Customers want an individual approach and custom content – part of a complete shopping experience. Builds confidence in the company and reduces distrust of data transfer. This is exactly where WhatsApp Chat Bot is recommended. With the help of WhatsApp Chat Bot, you can use the customer’s journey efficiently for marketing, sales and operation of the generation of leads themselves.

The following examples will show you the possibilities whatsapp ChatBot offers to generate target leads.

Attract interested customers through Facebook ads and follow up via WhatsApp Chat Bot

Let’s say the user receives an ad on the Facebook home page that interests him and his behavior on social media. Click the WhatsApp communication button and start the conversation with WhatsApp Chat Bot automatically.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) – WhatsApp Chat Bot can process, read and interact with human language. Thus, WhatsApp Chat Bot can capture the consumer and send the correct information at the exact point where the consumer is on the customer’s journey.

After a short introductory interaction, the user is directed unnoticed through a pre-defined questionnaire to receive a specific product offer according to his answers. The conversion path allows the user to obtain and evaluate relevant data intelligently through answer options selected in the form of buttons or quick answers. Due to the custom content the user receives, interest increases and the user passes their data to WhatsApp Chat Bot.

Re-target potential customers by sending special offers via WhatsApp Chat Bot

What happens if there is already a point of contact with an interested party, but it has not yet been sufficient to produce a qualified lead?, here he can use WhatsApp chatbot that will help in the process of communicating and purchasing with the customer. Let’s take a look at the following example.

During the conversation using WhatsApp chatbot, the company was able to know that the user loves sneakers. Unfortunately, their online sneaker store was unable to make a proper offer at the time. But now perfect walking shoes are available in a variety of collections. Now WhatsApp Chat Bot can send an update on the new product. If there are any questions, WhatsApp Chat Bot can also answer specific information thanks to the recorded data.

Attract interested customers by serving customers

If the interested party has already accessed the company’s website but has not found the contact information it is looking for within a short period of time, the potential customer will lose interest in purchasing.

The best way to effectively welcome a customer interested in buying is to use live chat. This enhances customer proximity and hides the invisible barrier of the interested party to communicate with the company.

But who will respond to the site’s countless visitor inquiries? Customer service representatives want to deal with individual customer inquiries, take time for them, and the same questions are not repeated continuously. WhatsApp Chat Bot can help here and act as an additional colleague who takes over frequently asked questions.

With the help of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, WhatsApp Chat Bot can find out what a potential customer needs through a pre-defined process.

Using WhatsApp communication offers for a particular topic on the home page of the website, information can be transmitted to interested parties or customers in a targeted manner. WhatsApp Bot can therefore be programmed into specific topics to help companies, employees and customers find relevant information. The content provided creates value added value.

Using WhatsApp chatbot with high features gives you tremendous access and access to create new potential customers because of their theme. After entering the data, the potential customer will receive the latest information directly on their smartphone.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is a versatile potential customer generation and can support several teams including the marketing, sales and customer service team. Repetitive and ineffective tasks are automatically handled by WhatsApp Chat Bot, and potential customers are scalable to leads.

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