Why companies should use WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

In today’s multi-channel world of texts, chats, publications, and tweets, consumers increasingly want to interact with companies in the same way they communicate with their families and friends. It turns out that messaging apps – such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger – take the lead as the preferred communication channels used today.

In early 2018, WhatsApp Business introduced a separate tool created with business owners in mind. Through the app, companies can create a business profile and add information such as descriptions, products, and services.

This enables them to create and maintain a commercial presence on the world’s most common messaging app. More importantly, WhatsApp Business paves the way for immediate and effective interaction between companies and their customers through a simple and secure environment.

The most important reasons for using WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API programming used by medium-sized enterprises and large companies is often used through a third-party solution provider.

This allows for widespread communication as well as integration potential. This is best suited for extended messaging solutions across different professions and industries.

Businesses can build a brand experience that guides their customers through the WhatsApp Business API client. For example, messages can take advantage of rich media by sending geographic locations, product photos, documents, and voice messages. Brands can also integrate logos, hyperlinks, and buttons. These features make it easier to have a very interactive conversation in the same way consumers already know it.

When registering for an official business profile, companies can check them through WhatsApp to help distinguish themselves from their customers and ensure a trustworthy, spam-free customer experience.

Why companies should use WhatsApp Business API

People like to use WhatsApp. It has become a favorite app for communication between groups and individuals. On average, 67.5% of WhatsApp users who have sent messages to a company in the past three months agree that it is the easiest way to communicate with a company. Using this data, companies can earn a lot by putting themselves in this communication equation.

At present, the personal relationship between the brand and the consumer is important. In fact, 64% of WhatsApp users who have recently sent messages to a company agree that it gives them more personal contact with a company than other forms of communication. It has become clear that consumers want a strong base of communication with the brands they love, and companies must do their best to accommodate it.

In addition, WhatsApp creates a better customer experience by solving quick problems and more attractive content and branding. The more ways you have access to your customers, the more your customers feel helped and listened to.

Companies can provide customer support, receive comments, interact with customers, and send important notifications through whatsapp Business API. All these tasks are different factors in one equation. By adding them together, we reach the real purpose of WhatsApp Business API, which is to increase brand loyalty.

There are two ways for companies to connect with their customers using WhatsApp Business API, template messages and session messages.

Template messages

Template messages (also known as notifications) are message formats that can be initiated and reused by companies to send time-sensitive notifications and updates to their customers. They can include:

  • Delivery updates
  • Travel notifications
  • Two-factor authentication messages

There are currently many message templates available for use. Companies using template messages have seen an increase in conversion and customer retention rates.

Session messages

Customers start session messages (also known as customer service messages). Companies can then respond using automated responses or responses from human agents.

Session messages enable companies to solve customer problems in an individual and timely conversation. Companies using session messages have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

How whatsApp Business API helps companies thrive

There are many benefits to integrating WhatsApp Business API with current customer service processes. As more companies take into account the digital transformation process, the use of multichannel communications becomes a much-needed necessity. Here are some reasons why WhatsApp Business API plays a pivotal role in helping your business thrive.

  • Helps you increase brand loyalty by providing customers with a personal and instant way of communicating.
  • It enhances trust between the brand and the consumer through the private and WhatsApp platform.
  • Makes it easier for the customer to think from thinking to converting and then connecting.
  • Helps secure the future of your business by adopting digital transformation procedures that still have a lot to offer.
  • It enhances your customers’ access anywhere, anytime because of the sheer size of whatsapp access.

How users can interact with companies on WhatsApp

To help your business provide an improved customer experience, WhatsApp approves your desired messages before sending them to your customers. In addition, there are strict rules prohibiting spam and promotional messages. Better yet, messages can only be sent to people who:

  • Started the conversation with your work.
  • They agreed to receive messages by entering their phone number and selection box.

WhatsApp’s professionalism and commitment to excellence ensure that there are certain corporate standards for starting a business app or API, companies will need to verify compliance with whatsapp business policy.

WhatsApp prohibits certain transactions from conducting whatsapp transactions such as marketing alcohol, tobacco, medical products, weapons, copyrighted materials and more.

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