Chatbot WhatsApp creation features

WhatsApp is currently the most common messaging app in the world. The platform of 1.5 billion users from 180 countries can now be accessed through your automated chat program.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the pros and cons of WhatsApp systems through automated chat software. If you are looking for a new channel to connect with your customers, the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp that we will present to you in this article will be useful.

Chatbots advantages on WhatsApp:

  • Easy to access: Since WhatsApp is the most common messaging app in the world, it is likely that end users already have a WhatsApp app installed on their smartphone and are familiar with the tool.
  • High quality interactive channel: WhatsApp is a great channel to interact with your customers. You’ll see that WhatsApp channels have a high response rate where many messages are sent back and forth.

Improving marketing campaigns and advertising opportunities:

Many companies use WhatsApp robots to chat about their products and services such as upcoming events, newcomers, new services and new offers/discounts for their customers worldwide. WhatsApp chatbot helps companies make personalized recommendations to customers by analyzing their historical data and previous purchases.

Companies can also send monthly newsletters and promotional notices to customers who have subscribed to them. Using WhatsApp chatbot integration, the sales and marketing team can be helped to focus more on generating potential customers.

Provides optimal easy access for customers

WhatsApp chatbot eliminates the need for customers to download a separate app or visit the official business connection site. Customers should only interact via WhatsApp’s automated chat software while chatting with any other contact on the app. If the automated chat program is unable to provide a solution to the customer, it will simply turn that customer into a human representative.

Building a strong business identity

Giving your WhatsApp chat program a brand personality (public personality) will make the right impression on customers and improve their loyalty to the brand. Through a well-established brand identity, the organization can improve customer participation as well as sales.

Many other features such as:

  • Send reminders, alerts and notifications
  • Respond to customer complaints and inquiries in real time
  • Help customers explore the product catalog
  • Send updates on the status and accuracy of the ticket
  • Collect customer comments and more

Therefore, customers no longer have to wait in line or listen to disturbing interactive voice responses to contact the customer service department. Furthermore, WhatsApp chat software is available 24 hours a day, so companies don’t have to ensure that customer service representatives are available all the time. This also provides a huge amount of money that companies spend on recruiting and training their resources.

At present, organizations are aware of the importance of chat marketing and support, and WhatsApp Business is an easy enabler. Develop WhatsApp chat software for your business with AI capabilities to simplify the customer service process and improve the customer experience.

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