How chatbot services help universities improve the student experience

Chat Bot Services

With universities and colleges closing their campuses for the majority of 2020, and even in 2021 relying on online lectures, many institutions have had to find a way to proactively communicate with their students and staff for online support. At present, universities can take advantage of chatbots use to improve workflows and help current and potential students.

chatbot services how do universities use them?

For any college or university, fast communication is critical when it comes to converting potential applicants into enrolled students.

In the run-up to the start of the new school year, candidates are asked questions about courses, fees, accommodation, and the like. It is undoubtedly a busy time for admissions departments, and responding to this flow of questions quickly requires a lot of time and resources.

Chatbot services provide a basic antidote to this problem. It’s incredibly convenient, easy to use, and designed to provide automated answers to FAQs, avoiding ambiguity and late responses.

Students can chat with them for free at any time of the day or night, which is of particular benefit to international candidates living in different time zones.

Artificial intelligence-insulated chatbot serves another purpose as well. During the duration of their interaction with candidates and students, they collect large amounts of data. This data contains useful information about students’ behavior regarding information they can (or cannot) find on the university’s website, making it a useful tool for thinking and improving, and a valuable asset for marketing teams as well as admissions teams.

chatbot services help universities improve the student experience

Make it easier for students to connect with a chatbot

Questions on topics such as the application process, course registration, and campus location can be answered through AI for conversation.

During the height of the epidemic, many students encountered technical difficulties in logging into online learning platforms, often communicating with professors and technical support for online support.

In addition, chatbot benefits potential international students, because having a digital assistant readily available is critical when facing different time zones or when staff is unavailable.

These days, students rely on chatbot services to guide them through these arduous and cumbersome processes. With the click of a button and a quick chat, students can access all this information no matter where they are in the world, or at any time.

Provide multi-channel support

Chatbots allow students 24/7 access to any questions with quick responses in return. With universities specifically, they will have an automation rate of more than 75%. Queries are resolved on any platform, channel, or device.

At the same time, with our multilingual feature, students will comfortably speak their native language using the automated chat program. There is no barrier between asking students and receiving reliable assistance.

Reaching out to students where their friends are

Today, young people rely heavily on messaging apps like WhatsApp, where nearly 2 billion users access the app each month and are available in more than 180 countries.

As communication channels have changed as consumer expectations change, emails no longer serve as a means of clear and proactive communication. People want quick responses, especially with regard to urgent inquiries.

We’ve made it possible for students to access these applications as a line of communication. It’s easy to integrate our solution into messaging channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, so that student questions are instantly resolved in their hands.

Peace of mind for employees

There are also enormous advantages to integrating chatbots into a university institution for employees alone. When answering multiple questions simultaneously, ChatBot reduces employee workload when faced with frequently asked FAQs.

Staff can therefore focus on more complex questions than students, as well as provide additional time for other difficult projects. This helps support costs everywhere.

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