How WhatsApp chatbot helps customer service reduce costs

WhatsApp chat bot

Customer service departments perform a lot of routine tasks every day.

Isn’t this a huge waste of time and money to spend all day on requests like: “How can I apply?” “Where can I find the nearest store?” “What are your working hours?” “What is the delivery time?”

While you pay a lot of money to your human agents to answer the same questions over and over again, chat bot services can run automatically at any given time.

Chat Bot customer service is an excellent way for companies to automate and enhance workflows and create a better customer experience. In addition, it also helps reduce support costs, waiting, and solution times.

The most important reason why you think about chat bot services is to serve customers

Chat Bot for Customer Service Reduces Support Costs

265 billion customer requests are reported annually. Companies spent nearly $1.3 trillion to service these requests. Using a chatbot can help you save up to 30% of this amount.

Let’s say you have a team of 15 customer support agents.

The average salary of a customer service representative in the world is about $35,000 per year. Therefore, your customer service team’s salaries cost you approximately $525,000 per year (35,000*15).

With a chat bot, you can save about 30% or more, giving you $157,000 a year.

The Customer Service Bot can answer from 30% to 80% of repeated queries

Customer service executives can focus more on what they like to do and what’s best for them. They will leave the normal aspects of their work to robots.

How many times a day do customer service employees answer FAQs? studies indicate that about 80% of customer service representatives’ time goes to frequent queries. Most of the time, the customer service department answers the same thing over and over again every day.

“These simple requests take 70-80% of the usual delegate day, and if automated chat programs take over these quick fixes, customers will be happier to avoid dial-up, and customer service representatives will have more time to support proactive customers.

Chat Bot customer service services are superheroes in answering customer FAQs. Robots automate simple queries while your customer service agents perform more complex tasks.

The idea here is to create a balanced customer service solution that is useful to you and your customers. Don’t create a fully automated system and leave your customers alone with automation. Automate routine, simple, and repetitive tasks, leaving your employees with more complex problems that require a human touch.

ChatBot customer service services provide multi-channel support

Customers want to reach the company via a convenient platform.

While the relatively old generation may continue to connect to support by phone and email, millennials expect brands to be available on social media. So it’s no surprise that you offer a great customer experience that needs to meet customer demand for multichannel support. The work must adapt.

Brands must be available wherever their customers want them. It’s not a brand choice. The choice belongs to their customers.

Staying up-to-date with all communication channels can be difficult. Moreover, it is not enough just to be on different channels. You have to keep your support steady and fast from one channel to another.

Chatbot services operate on different platforms to ensure consistent support for each customer.

Customers don’t communicate with brands through a single channel, such as the phone. They want multiple ways to get help and use everything easier and easier. For many customers, this means social media.

ChatBot customer service services provide 24/7 support

Today, if a brand wants to provide an excellent customer experience, 24/7 availability is not an option.

Customer service is not from 9am to 5pm. It’s a 24-hour duty. These extra hours for your representatives are extra dollars for your work.

But there is another way, a chatbot for customer service can answer customer questions when your customer service team is not available.

Therefore, customers get instant responses, your business saves money by reducing night shifts and holidays and your agents will be more satisfied with a better work schedule.

The Customer Service’s Sat Bot can speak several languages

ChatBot customer service is an excellent decision if your customers are all over the world.

Instead of looking for customer service agents who speak many languages, you can train chatbots to learn them. Your customer service robot can understand and speak more than 100 languages to help your customers from different countries.

Chat Bot customer service services solve tickets in a few seconds or minutes.

Contemporary customers are impatient and want immediate responses and quick solutions to their problems. Otherwise, they will go to your competitors if they need less effort to communicate and provide faster support. This puts a lot of pressure on customer support representatives.

ChatBot customer service services provide immediate support. Android software doesn’t need time to think about the question to answer, but it provides immediate responses to customer requests.

There are many reasons to apply chatbots to customer service.

The most important is that the chatbot helps reduce support costs and improve the customer experience by reducing waiting and response times. However, with all the benefits chatbot services can offer to customer service, it is important to remember that customer support should not be fully automated.

The best way to mix chatbot and customer service is to find frequent and simple chatbot areas and leave proactive and complex support to human agents.

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