Make chatbot e-commerce in busy shopping seasons


The current shopping season will look different this year. Fewer consumers will look for products in physical stores to stay away from the crowd. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to buy less. Data indicate that during the 2008 economic recession, contrary to expectations, many companies recorded an increase in sales.

That means two things to you. First, you have a great opportunity to increase your sales this marketing season. Second, you have to be prepared. Here are seven steps that will help you improve e-commerce chatbot to improve customer experience and engagement, and we hope conversion rates are higher.

How to make chatbot special for e-commerce in busy shopping seasons

Prepare attractive greetings for The ChatBot

Greeting is a short welcome message that pops up above the mini chat tool. Convincing greetings are a non-intrusive way to welcome visitors, but they can also do more. It’s a recipe for promoting website sharing as well. If your AI agent attracts the visitor’s attention, he or she will have the opportunity to engage him in a conversation and educate him about your offers.

Try creating an exceptional welcome message that stands out. Users don’t like to read compromise phrases, the shorter and more creative they are, the better.

In chatbot, you can select the types of messages that must be displayed for different types of users. For example, you can use a greeting to provide customer support only on exit pages to guide customers on how to continue when problems occur. This can help reduce the number of support calls and emails.

In addition, you can use a dedicated greeting to promote special offers or offer discounts to customers who have entered your store through a referral link. By customizing your welcome messages, you can improve the customer experience and enhance chat sharing.

Personalize your shopping experience with product recommendations

E-commerce sites can offer customers a variety of options that physical stores often cannot make. On the other hand, reluctant shoppers are often confused by the many options on their screen and leave online stores.

Custom product recommendations sent by chat bot can provide customers with time and nerves. It outperforms public marketing messages and helps close the customization gap that affects e-commerce businesses.

Furthermore, studies show that more than 70% of customers expect brands to understand their needs. Product suggestions for companies can meet these expectations.

When chatbot can attract customer attention, it can ask them a set of explanatory questions that help find offers that suit a person’s preferences. After finding matching items, the sat bot in your e-commerce can bring products to the customer using colored product cards or rotors. By doing so, you can make customers feel cared for and facilitate their purchase decision.

If someone decides to buy a recommended item, chat bot can suggest related products and support transit sales. Customers who click on custom recommendations are 4.5x more likely to add items to their vehicles. They are also almost twice as likely to buy from the same store in the future.

Giving up tempting discounts

Discounts are a good way to motivate customers to explore your store and support conversion. 37% of consumers say that getting the chance to buy a product at a cheaper price makes them more likely to buy items than planned. Chatbot is just another way to promote and distribute your discounts. They can also thrill your shopping experience.

By applying chat bot filters, you can distribute promotional vouchers to customers who deal with your chat bot. You can divide your audience into new users, returning customers, or those redirected from a particular referral page and provide vouchers to a select group only. In this way, the sat bot can better complete the customer’s purchase journey.

You can also use discounts in exchange for completing polls or providing email addresses. Chat Bot lets you send aggregated data to CRM or email marketing software. You can use this data in your future marketing activities.

If you want to get a head start on the chat bot development, take advantage of the ready-to-use discount model. Allows you to offer discounts on products in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.

Enjoy customers with brand competitions

People enjoy short tests, especially when they can learn fun facts about their personality or get rewards. Why not take the opportunity and add a little fun to your shopping experience using chat bot tests? It’s more attractive than typical web models because it takes the form of an informal conversation.

With chat bots, you can create many special-themed tests for special occasions. For example, you can give customers offers or educate them about national traditions on Saudi National Day, for example. You can offer some great rewards to customers who provide the right answers, adding a little excitement to your store visits.

Ensure a positive charging experience with package tracking

Ensuring a positive delivery experience is just as important as the product you offer. 39% of consumers admitted that they would never buy back from a store that provided a disappointing shipping experience.

However, when your parcel delivery services are managed by third-party companies, you cannot always influence their speed or quality. However, what you can do is let customers know when their orders will appear on their doorsteps.

Chat Bot allows your customers to track their packages when they need to. The customer only needs to submit his order number so that chatbot can verify the delivery status. Thanks to this, your customers will be quieter when you know when their packages will arrive. In addition, the support service team does not have to devote time to managing questions that do not require human support.

Modify the shape and style of your chat bot

Matching colors and beautiful graphics help attract visitor’s attention and deliver your message better. That’s why chat bot lets you customize the way chat bot is easily displayed to website visitors. You can apply your logo, brand colors and photos to make their look consistent with your brand style.

You can also move forward this season and bring the AI assistant to the leave to life. You can design a custom avatar and come up with a name suitable for its Christmas. Use a festive photo and background colors to make your holiday site visits more exclusive.

Connect with Facebook and WhatsApp visitors with chat bot help

According to Facebook Insights, 12% of holiday shoppers search for products on social media. By adding chatbot to your fan page, you get the opportunity to connect with that group of consumers and solve their issues using their favorite channel and offer ongoing promotions.

Chat Bot provides you with Facebook Messenger integration that lets you add your story to your Facebook fan page with a few clicks. You can use chat bot attributes to collect user data (name or URL), customize your Messenger responses, or send them to your database.

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