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The impact of digital transformation on almost every industry, as organizations try to gain a competitive edge and meet changing Banking customer Service demands. The banking Customer Service sector has also recognized the changing effects of the game that can have innovative technological disruptions such as artificial intelligence (AI) chat bots and act immediately to improve its online and mobile banking models through customer interaction platforms.

Digital Banking Customer Service moves forward with chat bot assistance

Covid-19 has accelerated the deployment of digital technologies such as chatbots further. Despite the increase in online banking, banks did not expect no direct contact with people for a long time or no staff working in their offices.

Consequently, banking Customer Service are preparing themselves to meet these challenges in the future and not make the same mistakes. This means responding efficiently to challenges such as outbreaks and finding solutions that can ensure business continuity regardless of any crisis.

Social divergence has changed how people buy goods, communicate and work, and banks have had to reduce their dependence on humans, when possible, to become a business that meets customers’ requests for 24/7 services.

Whether it’s transaction processing, consulting and customer service access, banks today need to invest in improving their contact points with consumers outside their branches or external call centers, and digital solutions such as chat bot have provided the banking sector with a competitive advantage.

Artificial intelligence and chatbot services enhance digital banking

For years, customers have been demanding more of their financial institutions. Covid-19 and the consequences of the epidemic have accelerated these customer requests. Consumers expect instant, personal and flawless interactions with their favorite brands and expect the same from their banks. It is not surprising, then, that the new wave of digital banking is about the customer experience.

Banks need to improve the quality of customer service without sacrificing time for redundant user inquiries. So now they understand the importance of chat bots and services 24/7 that suit not only them, but their customers.

This means providing scalable 24/7 customer support smoothly on multiple channels and languages.

To reach this goal, banks need powerful platforms that can ensure these results and provide immediate assistance to customers, whether they need:

Transfer of funds

Check account balances

Make additional requests.

They need smart platforms that can interact with these customers and understand what they’re trying to say. They need chat bot.

Customers can benefit from receiving personal assistance on the channel and the language of their choice, as well as employees. Chatbot services do not need to pose a threat to human agents, because their role is not to replace workers, but to enhance their productivity by allowing employees to focus on more complex tasks that require their knowledge and talent while reducing support costs and increasing customer retention rates.

Directing bank customers towards digital self-service and shat bot

Digital services have become key features in almost every sector. Any service that can be provided online is technically a digital service. Banks have not been late in providing digital services and have been meeting customer requests for self-service for some time now.

Since many customers prefer to make transactions themselves, without having to queue to meet a bank employee or respect working hours, banks offer self-service capabilities such as kiosks or ATMs. Combining digital services with self-service is different.

Leveraging digital services, artificial intelligence and chatbot services to provide customized multi-channel services while allowing self-service customers to implement their own actions is key to the future of customer service and customer experience. This is where chatbot has become an integrated feature of digital self-service solutions.

Chat Bot in banking can help simplify transactions such as money transfer and account balance checks via a chat interface so that customers are constantly guided through their actions.

Chatbot services can facilitate access to banking information and FAQs from any page on the Bank’s website, while providing customized information by leveraging customer data to automatically provide recommendations and advice to customers.

Through this potential, there are many actions that customers can do without the help of a human agent, such as receiving invoice and payment notices, receiving fraud and suspicious activity alerts, transferring funds, verifying their balance, or reporting stolen cards to name a few.

ChatBot services allow customers to manage orders quickly and efficiently while working as a listening channel so that banks can better understand user habits, anticipate customer actions, and offer personalized offers and services. By putting products and services in context, banks increase their customers’ loyalty and value for life.

Employees also benefit from chat bot services, reducing operational costs, reducing human error and saving human agents time on frequent queries so they can focus on more complex problems or training to gain new knowledge and abilities. According to a juniper study, Chat Bot services will save banks up to $7.3 billion worldwide by 2023, allowing them to compete with other branches and deploy a successful digital transformation.

In short, chatbot will not replace human customers. In fact, by automating standard procedures, human agents will have to focus on the most demanding issues.

However, ChatBot services can seamlessly escalate queries to customer agents while providing them with all the necessary data to ensure that these problems are resolved appropriately and without having to make the customer repeat any information.

This type of deployment is essential for financial companies to implement their digital transformation and are therefore able to compete with industry giants, but what is the best use to manage customer interaction for banks.

Banks should choose a platform that can deliver the right results such as WhatsApp

Chatbot services can transform customer banking experiences, and these banks must choose the right platforms to deliver capabilities that meet new customer requirements.

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