Why business needs WhatsApp Chat Bot

whatsApp chat bot

WhatsApp has about 2 billion active users in more than 180 countries, and as a result, it is an ideal communication app for commercial use. Taking advantage of WhatsApp Chat Bot in particular, it will be of great value to any business, if implemented correctly.

Why is WhatsApp the preferred communication option?

WhatsApp is one of the most powerful communication platforms in the world, with the number of active users continuing to rise during the epidemic. Unlike only the number of users, here are 7 reasons why we think WhatsApp is the preferred channel for most companies.

WhatsApp is accessible

It’s a neutral platform, which means WhatsApp can be installed on almost every device, whether it’s Apple, Android, or Windows.

WhatsApp features

The platform constantly offers new features for the app, allowing users to share contacts, content, location pins and broadcast status.

Unlimited messages

WhatsApp provides users with unlimited real-time messages, which means engaging in a conversation with anyone anywhere in the world at any time.


It is free to download and all forms of communication are more cost-effective than alternatives. International calls – which were once expensive – are now much cheaper with WhatsApp. Given the global nature of modern life, this makes WhatsApp highly needed.

Group messaging

WhatsApp group messaging option allows communities and companies to stay up to date with all activities. Sending a group message saves time and effort while reaching a wider audience quickly.

It’s ad-free

One of WhatsApp’s best-selling features is that, from the outset, it was an ad-free platform. This means uninterrupted use when connected, making it a more user-friendly option.

Commercial benefits

The arrival of the Covid-19 epidemic meant that companies must quickly adhere to new social spacing procedures and transform their businesses to suit online interactions. WhatsApp benefits can also be replicated in a social environment across companies, making it simple and effective to reach your target audience.

What is Chat Bot?

ChatBot is also known as WhatsApp Chat Bot, a program that is used on whatsApp’s basic chat marketing system and customer solutions. Chat Bot can be triggered by a specific set of rules designed to engage in conversation with humans via chat. It provides companies with a number of e-commerce opportunities that are now prevalent.

WhatsApp Chat Bot cases

If your business doesn’t already use WhatsApp Chat Bot to share customers, here are some ways you can push your business further.

Generating new customers

The simplicity of starting a conversation with WhatsApp Chat Bot makes it much easier to create potential customers. Companies will usually share a phone number or click feature to chat via online ads that then immediately open a new chat window. Once the conversation starts, the business will also receive the customer’s name and phone number, allowing for customized communication that sees strangers turn into customers.

With WhatsApp Business API, companies can create a verified profile that potential new customers can search for. This messaging platform also allows you to take care of leads by customizing your connection.

Instant customer service

In today’s world, customers expect immediate responses to queries. If responses aren’t fast enough, companies risk moving customers to the next business that responds immediately.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is a comprehensive solution for customers designed to deal with all kinds of customer requirements, from FAQs to complaints. The bot is even able to facilitate new orders, process refunds and help follow-up after-sales and after-service.

The reality for many companies is that customer service is important, but in the end it takes a long time. Through automated responses, companies can save time and focus their team on business promotion activities. When chat cannot help bot, it can then redirect the query to the customer support center. Basically, WhatsApp Chat Bot can act as the default customer service agent day and night.

Customer loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to secure customers and invite frequent purchases. However, running loyalty programs can be a challenge as customers need to update earned points, special offers, recovery methods, etc. Emails are often ignored.

With WhatsApp Chat Bot, the loyalty program is fully automated with point balances, and reward reminders can be sent to users as a way to encourage recovery.

Alerts and notifications

Short notices for customers are important in modern business, but as we mentioned earlier, emails can be missed and time-sensitive messages may be missed.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is the perfect way to send instant alerts to customers, such as appointment reminders, discounted offers, or event notifications.

WhatsApp Chat Bot is also great for sending automated invitations that require a quick response to the invitation. The sudden rise in online seminars has also led to the need for such alerts and instant notifications for a large audience. Chatbot can be trained to answer event-related questions such as location and itinerary.

The Covid-19 epidemic also demonstrated the value of these instant alerts with the government and hospitals able to send vaccination registration and scheduling confirmations via WhatsApp ChatBot. Other time-sensitive notifications such as test results can also be sent via the bot platform.

Some of the benefits of WhatsApp Chat Bot

Easily share multimedia: WhatsApp Chat Bot allows customers to upload product photos, videos, invoices, or any other work-related content. There is also the option of sharing sites for quick delivery.

Automation: WhatsApp Chat Bot services can work with minimal human touch, which also reduces the risk of error.

Security: WhatsApp provides comprehensive encryption features that make it safe when sending confidential information, such as bank details.

100% delivery: Chatbot services get the message every time.

Personalized conversations: Chat Bot services use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide continuously improved experiences. This means that they continue to identify customers and can already make customized recommendations based on customer history and patterns.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): This WhatsApp Chat Bot capability enables smoother interaction, rather than a fluctuating mechanical connection.

Make sure you take full advantage of WhatsApp solutions in the business.

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