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WhatsApp use in e-commerce

WhatsApp into your e-commerce system is essential to increasing sales. With so many different WhatsApp e-commerce mergers available to online companies to take advantage of, what should you look for? We will give you a adequate explanation of this in this article.

The days of “sending us an email”, “filling out the contact form” and “contacting us” are over.

As e-commerce is booming and consumers these days want things quickly, smooth and fast communication with your customers is one of the key ways to grow your business.

To do this, you’ll need to deal with the world’s most popular messaging app that will be your first helper, WhatsApp.

How to build the perfect e-commerce services with whatsapp help

WhatsApp e-commerce integration and the most important way to do this

Integrating Whats App into an e-commerce business doesn’t necessarily mean you need a website – although that’s usually the case.

In fact, depending on your business profile, you may not have a profile yet. This is especially true if you are a small seller who has just started selling. In this case, your main sales platform may be Facebook, where you just started working to build and interact with a customer base.

In this section, we’ll review some of the most common ways to integrate Whats App Business API into your e-commerce system, including your website and Facebook page.

Use WhatsApp Chat Bot in e-commerce

One of the most common and basic ways is to add Whats App Chat Bot e-commerce services on Whats App, which is basically a conversation bot but with little difference.

Conversations initiated by an e-commerce store visitor will be redirected to WhatsApp instead of continuing on the site.

If your visitor is on a desktop/laptop, clicking the Green Start Chat button will open the WhatsApp Web window until the conversation continues there. If they use their mobile phones, they will be redirected to their WhatsApp app.

One of the great advantages of transferring these chats to Whats App is that the user can take advantage of all the features provided by Whats App. This includes location tracking (which will be useful for delivery notifications), the ability to send multimedia messages, documents, and more.

Adding Whats App Chat Bot to your e-commerce site is as simple as entering basic information to create a custom user interface item, copying and pasting the tool code on your website.

Sign up form for your WhatsApp community

Once the customer has access to and browse your e-commerce site, they may not have a question for you (or your chat program, for this matter) immediately, they may be interested in a particular product that may be out of stock or may exceed their budget, almost instinctively, they will want to go to a competing website and verify its availability.

But as a store owner, this hurts business. So you want to stop them from leaving and if they do, to get them to go back and buy from you – even if it’s later.

To do this, encourage them to allow contacts from you via WhatsApp. In this way, they can receive notifications about inventory updates, low product prices, flash sales, clearance, and more via their favorite chat app, which in turn will attract them to visit your store again and hope to buy something.

There are different ways to get customers to choose to receive Whats App messages from your online store:

  • Create a custom landing page to subscribe to a form they can fill out
  • Add a pop-up to your home page where they’ll enter their Whats App number
  • Integrate it into your account registration process by adding Whats App as an intermediary through which they can receive calls from you.

Ads on Facebook for WhatsApp communication

If you use Facebook as a platform for your business (i.e. you use Facebook Shop or facebook business page for sale and don’t have a website), you can also integrate Whats App into your e-commerce store by setting up click-Whats App ads.

This is a great way to turn Facebook ad traffic into Whats App conversations, where you can move your connection to the next level.

Customer experience after purchase and after-sales services

The customer experience does not end when the customer receives a discount, it should cover the good customer experience after purchase, especially since the cost of keeping customers is much lower than the cost of acquiring customers.

Continue to use WhatsApp Business API to provide your customers with important post-purchase information such as

  • Delivery/tracking updates
  • Product recommendations
  • Sales and clearance
  • Loyalty programs

And don’t stop there. Because they’re on WhatsApp, take the opportunity to get feedback from your customers and use them to improve your e-commerce store.

How to integrate WhatsApp into the post-purchase experience in e-commerce

Integrating WhatsApp Business API into your post-purchase experience with your e-commerce business requires customer approval to send them WhatsApp messages.

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