Best ways to use WhatsApp in sales 2022

WhatsApp use in sales

In long sales cycles, the slow and steady race wins. It can be weeks or months before the customer decides that the solution or service you provide meets his or her needs. That’s why it’s important to keep in touch with the customer.

For daily product purchases, live chat or WhatsApp Chat Bot can help reduce customer tension and increase your conversions. But this requires your customers to stay online, which is impractical for longer sales cycles.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is more in line with our modern lifestyles. With more than 2 billion users around the world and a staggering 98% opening rates, it’s the perfect channel to stay in touch and answer questions over a long period of time.

WhatsApp features in sales

Low barrier

Whats App lets you connect with customers on a channel they already use. Most people check their messages several times a day, making Whats App the easiest and most convenient way for them to communicate with companies.

Your customers won’t also have to check emails constantly to get an update on their request or query.

Global Access

Whats App is the best messaging app in 128 countries, allowing you to stream your network more widely than other channels. It is a particularly common option in many countries.

Speed of communication with the customer

One of the biggest customer frustrations is endless queues and late responses. Whats App messages are shorter and more direct than email, which means you can respond faster to customer questions and problems, reducing the likelihood of disruption.

Brand perception

There’s something important about including it in your customers’ phone contact list. It shows your customers that you are at their level and gives them a more relaxed atmosphere than your phone or email.

Whats App Privacy

In the age of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), data privacy concerns are growing. Thanks to end-to-end encryption and its commitment to protecting user privacy, Whats App is the safe option for customers who want to send messages to companies. It also ensures a spam-free experience.

The best ways to use WhatsApp in sales

Improve your product visibility with Whats App

WhatsApp’s business catalog feature serves as a corporate mobile storefront to showcase their products. This saves companies the trouble of sending images one by one and repeating information.

For each item in its catalog, the company can add information including price, description, photos, product name and number.

Similar items can be grouped together in a single catalog. Alternatively, you can create a separate catalog for each item and download variables from the same image.

WhatsApp broadcast feature

WhatsApp as a promotional platform has untapped potential. You can send media or promotional content to your customers via the Broadcast feature without violating their privacy because it acts as the most important feature of emails.

Because you need your customers’ approval to send them WhatsApp messages, you can be sure that you will only target interested potential customers.

With Status, you can share information about flash sales and promotions. Because the updated status is only available for 24 hours to viewers, this can be used to take advantage of your customers’ scarcity mentality to increase conversions.

Facebook ad using WhatsApp’s connectivity compression feature

Click to WhatsApp can help you attract customers with their favorite messaging app. To direct them to WhatsApp, you can create an ad on Facebook using the Send A Message button that will open a Conversation on WhatsApp when people click on it.

By adding the click to WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, companies can now make it easier for people to identify their products, make an appointment or use their service.

Order and delivery updates

Automatic email confirmations risk being lost amid the chaos of hundreds of emails that your customers are likely to be bombarded with every day. They may also access spam folders for your customers.

High WhatsApp opening rates ensure that customers will not miss important order confirmations and status updates.

To motivate customers to subscribe to messages, some brands allow customers to receive booking confirmations, flight information, boarding passes on WhatsApp and using WhatsApp Chat Bot.

After-sales support

The customer’s relationship does not end after the purchase has been completed. At some point, everyone bought a product that didn’t meet their needs or didn’t know how to use it.

If the customer has to jump through hoops to chase a refund or seek help with the product, he won’t hesitate to get rid of you.

WhatsApp is an easy way to provide after-sales support to your customers without your customers being frustrated by long queues or repeating information. In a Facebook study, 50% of customers who sent messages to companies did so during their customers’ trip – to ask about working hours, to make a purchase or share comments.

For products that don’t require expertise, you can provide video tutorial support. Refund requests can also be processed quickly without exchanging emails back and forth.

Building customer relationships

Creating great customer relationships is the holy grail for most companies. WhatsApp’s appeal is that you communicate with your customers on a channel they use to communicate with their loved ones.

With faster, more direct and more personalized service, WhatsApp can bring you closer to your customers and eventually larger conversions.

I’ve now learned about the different ways you can use WhatsApp in sales.

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