The best way to deal with customers using WhatsApp


WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular as a mobile messaging app well and for many reasons. With 2 billion active users every day sending 65 billion messages a day, in 180 countries and 60 languages, it’s no surprise that Facebook (whats app’s parent company) has expanded their platform to include whats app business.

Do you want:

  • Send useful notifications and provide superior customer support?
  • Automation, customer support and dealing with more queries via WhatsApp Chat Bot?
  • Processing requests, orders and payments in real time in one application?
  • Escalation to real agents for a high-impact conversation?

If the answer is “yes” you should use one of the most powerful messaging channels to date: WhatsApp. With a turnout of more than 70%, Whats App Business is an exceptionally valuable channel for building customer relationships.

What is whatsApp Business App?

Whats App Business lets you chat with your customers and take advantage of all the popular Features whats App offers, such as photos, links, PDF files, and GIFs. Meet your customers wherever they are and interact with them on a global scale.

WhatsApp Business comes in two versions: Whats App Business, which is used by more than 50 million users per month, and Whats App Business API.

The app is suitable for small businesses and api solution is designed for medium and large companies. How do you know which one’s right for your job? Whats App Business allows business only to use one device and one person. Need more hands-on platform to serve your customers? So WhatsApp Business API is right for you.

There are two types of messages allowed on Whats App Business API: session messages started by your customers and form messages that you started.

The messaging session begins when your customer sends a message to your business and allows you to reply to messages within 24 hours. During the session, you can customize and organize your customer service.

Once the session message window closes, you’ll be able to send form messages (pre-approved via WhatsApp) to reach customers who offer an active subscription.

If you want to communicate with your customer outside the 24-hour customer service window, which means you want to start a conversation with a notification to a customer with an active subscription, you can only send message forms. For all outgoing customer service messages, you’ll need a subscription from your customers before you can send a message. Customers must first agree to receive WhatsApp messages with an active subscription.

What can WhatsApp Business do for you?

Is your focus retailing? Then talk to your customers about returns, refunds and whether their product is available. Or you can send purchase confirmations and delivery updates.

Are you in the travel and tourism industry? Send your customers flight changes, upgrades, boarding passes, and hotel confirmations.

Or are you in finance? Warn your customers when suspicious emails are spread. Or help your customers pay and talk to them about their lost credit card.

Telecommunications your specialty? Help your customers change subscriptions while having a personal conversation with them via WhatsApp. Or are you not in all of the above and just want to organize your logistics? Talk to your customers to schedule delivery and send notifications and receipts across the same channel.

All in all, WhatsApp Business is a versatile way to interact with your customers.

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