Automated customer service through WhatsApp Chat Bot

Automated customer service

Automated customer service refers to any type of customer service that uses tools to complete workflows.

Automated customer service such as WhatsApp Chat Bot with keywords and smart chat is a common form of customer service mechanism and uses pre-defined rules or artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers get things done and solve problems quickly, whether it determines store opening hours, changes a request or locates account information.

These tools benefit from people’s growing preference for text-based and audio-based systems and the ease with which people now speak to “digital sounds” through voice-activated devices, smart speakers, and more.

The customer service mechanism helps companies achieve results such as a 30% reduction in customer service costs, a 39% increase in customer satisfaction and a 14-time increase in sales.

With these types of results, it’s no surprise that automated tools such as WhatsApp Chat Bot are set up to account for 70% of customer interactions as soon as possible by 2022.

Automated customer service features through WhatsApp Chat Bot services

Permanent customer service support

The main advantage of the customer service mechanism is your ability to provide 24-hour customer service – regardless of your customers’ location, circumstances or time zones.

Unlike direct agents, automated customer service tools are not restricted to call center working hours, and allow customers to quickly “self-serve” for minor problems, often without having to involve call center agents.

That’s why the customer service mechanism is particularly useful for dealing with FAQs, editing human agents to address the most complex aspects of customer service.

Lower operating costs for customer service

The customer service mechanism significantly improves operational efficiency and reduces customer service costs.

Time and efficiency

The customer service mechanism allows you to process more queries and perform tasks quickly that can be difficult and time-consuming, such as coordinating Uber flights within seconds. This frees human agents to deal with more strategic tasks and complex user queries.

At the same time, the customer service mechanism allows you to quickly get the answers they need, with less effort on their part, as it is one of the most important factors in providing a positive customer experience, respecting customer time.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Faster response times, shorter solution times, and consistent support across multiple hotspots – These automation results are essential to providing a positive customer service experience and maintaining your customers’ satisfaction.

agent satisfaction

Tools such as WhatsApp Chat Bot relieve pressure on overburdened agents by automating customer interactions across their preferred channels, which can take care of large, low-value orders, leaving the most satisfying and meaningful tasks for your agents.

When combined with a call center, it gives agents a unified view of customer data and conversation history, so that customer service staff have all the information they need to resolve queries quickly.


Automated customer service tools, such as WhatsApp Chat Bot, allow you to provide comprehensive and personalized customer service on a large scale. The AI mechanism makes it easy to test, measure and learn, so you can constantly improve your customer service experience.

Mastering automated customer service is not an easy task, and it’s definitely not something you can evaluate yourself. It is a matter of constant testing and gathering feedback for improvement. However, when you decide to implement a change, do it slowly and in small parts.

In this way, you will be able to assess the effectiveness and popularity of each individual upgrade. Requesting comments will let your customers know that you appreciate their opinions, and also help you with additional promotions.

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