Attract your restaurant customers using WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing for restaurants

A strong marketing plan for mobile smartphone users is critical for restaurant owners and managers. With 68% of today’s businesses integrating the WhatsApp marketing strategy into its daily reach, it’s important that restaurant owners today engage in WhatsApp marketing.

How does your restaurant implement your marketing strategy? One powerful and affordable mobile phone plan you shouldn’t ignore is messaging apps.

How will you start implementing the messaging plan in the WhatsApp marketing strategy? Take a look at the ways in which your WhatsApp competitors integrate and do it better. Because paying attention to what others do isn’t always that easy, we’ll show you how some restaurants use WhatsApp marketing.

How to attract your restaurant’s customers using WhatsApp marketing

Keep customers using WhatsApp marketing

Customer retention is vital to your restaurant’s success. In fact, frequent customers spent 67% more than new customers when eating out. As a owner or manager of a restaurant, you need to make sure that part of the WhatsApp marketing strategy targets these recurring customers.

Creating streaming lists is a free and easy strategy to increase customer retention. The most difficult part of creating these lists is to get customers to sign up for your list.

  • Make sure customers enjoy themselves.
  • Mention other events that will take place during the week.
  • Ask customers if they want reminders about events.
  • Collect phone numbers.
  • Ask the customer to add the restaurant phone number to WhatsApp.

This strategy has put about 6,000 people on their contact list to receive messages.

Throughout the customer’s journey, WhatsApp can be used to increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. This means that WhatsApp is not just here to help you solve the questions received.

Effective whatsapp promotion will help you boost sales. Because there are many ways to promote WhatsApp as your channel of communication, we will include the most important ones here.

Use WhatsApp on your contact page

Perhaps the most obvious place to indicate your presence on WhatsApp is a contact page for us on the website. When customers look for the best way to communicate with you, they’ll be happy to discover WhatsApp as an option.

By promoting WhatsApp as a channel of communication on your contact page, you’ll notice a decrease in the number of incoming phone calls. Through asynchronous WhatsApp conversations, this expensive channel is used — in your time and your client’s time — less and WhatsApp will be used more.

Use a WhatsApp QR code

WhatsApp is an easy way to move a customer’s journey offline. This is where the famous QR code proves easy to use.

Is advertising a new product or creating awareness of your new restaurant? Whatever the status of use, starting the conversation by inviting interested or potential customers to contact you via WhatsApp is easy by adding a QR code with a link behind it.

Use WhatsApp communication in social media ads

Examples of printed ads can be used just as easily in social ads. Just add a link or show your QR code and invite consumers to contact you via their favorite messaging channel.

Use WhatsApp on your product pages and blog posts

Your product pages are undoubtedly optimized for user experience, conversion, and improved mobile use. But what if your site’s visitors have questions? You won’t want to have to find the best way to contact you, lose interest along the customer’s trip, thus leaving your website.

It won’t be easier if they can click a button on the product page, start a WhatsApp conversation over the phone, or via WhatsApp Web on their computers.

Add WhatsApp to your website

Does your website provide the possibility to chat with visitors to your site? This is a very clear way to provide immediate and effective customer support. However, it is usually only available when the website or browser is open, and will be closed if the user does not respond in a timely manner.

This is not user-friendly. Add the WhatsApp channel to your website for live chat. This change is not only the most obvious, but it is also the easiest change in terms of implementation.

80% of smartphone users rely heavily on chat apps, especially WhatsApp. As a restaurant owner, you should view this as a direct line of communication with a large proportion of your customers. Without a strong WhatsApp marketing plan, you’re falling behind.

Providing such easy ways to reach our customer support team is critical in other parts of a customer’s journey, for example, in order notifications.

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