Advantages of WhatsApp use in education, 2022

WhatsApp use in education

The primary purpose of WhatsApp is to facilitate communication, and at its most basic level, education is nothing but communication. WhatsApp can be the platform through which teachers can achieve faster and smoother communication with their students. It can also increase the level of communication between students and create another place to learn instead of educational centers, for example, in light of the widespread Covid-19 crisis.

Educational institutions using WhatsApp

The use of WhatsApp in education is a reality. Teachers see the benefits of it in the educational process. Specialists recommend using chat groups to share classes with students in default mode. Many tasks can be done using the messaging app.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users, so it’s impossible that this access doesn’t reach the educational arena. It is up to teachers and institutions to take advantage of this in the interest of the educational process.

Advantages of whatsapp use in education

WhatsApp stimulates collaborative work and achieves content sharing between the organization, students and employees of the organization. For example, share audio lessons, send PPT materials or documents like Word, books, etc. It is also possible to share video content.

  • In addition, inform the educational community of organization-related ads when new courses or updates are available.
  • Send ads, notifications and information from a particular teacher or class to your group.
  • Therefore, according to teachers, the best you can do is take advantage of this tool by creating appropriate educational content. By creating new educational materials, students can take full advantage of WhatsApp in their education and trust in the channel, helping in post-marketing campaign reception, for example.
  • We cannot expect the technology tool to be educational in itself, but it is a means of achieving an educational goal.

But let’s take a look at more whatsapp benefits in education:

  • Free calls and video calls.
  • Communication with students, teachers and centres in remote areas such as other countries and the community surrounding the place of educational institutions, making it ideal for online courses.
  • Group formation and joint action.
  • Motivating students and employees to work with a tool they know and love.
  • Automatic messages for specific queries.
  • Specialists recommend using chat groups to give virtual lessons to students.
  • Facilitates a more personalized follow-up to the student’s educational process.
  • Easy communication with students is allowed.
  • The use of instant messaging is being developed at universities to increase student enrolment and retention rates.

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