Advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp in your business

WhatsApp bot

WhatsApp is a tool or automated system that helps serve customers as an alternative to the human element, and WhatsApp is a major reason to help businesses resolve many queries and questions immediately and quickly.

In the digital marketing sector, the practice of including WhatsApp customer service bots is becoming increasingly widespread. They are already integrated into social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and can also be found on websites for many companies. So there’s no doubt that AI exists to stay and help companies grow.

In today’s technical world, most interactions between people occur in social networks. Now it’s possible to make more transactions on social platforms like WhatsApp than on websites, so many companies tend to create WhatsApp so that they’re interactive with customers at any time.

The advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp for your business

The advantages of using WhatsApp for your business

The main advantage offered by WhatsApp bot from a customer service point of view is automated response. You can improve human resources and manage conversations with users in a very effective way.

For example, if a potential customer sends a message to WhatsApp and no customer service representative is currently connected to its service, WhatsApp Bot can provide useful information about the business, such as prices, schedule, opening hours, etc., and can also respond to customer inquiries.

Cost reduction: WhatsApp bot services eliminate the need for employment while interacting online with customers. This is clearly a great advantage for companies that receive multiple queries simultaneously. In addition to saving costs with them.

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp bot in customer service is to store all conversations in easy-to-manage digital records. This allows you to reply to all messages and deal with them afterwards if necessary.

You have two options, to give or not to give immediate answers. Customers prefer to provide answers as quickly as possible.

Some flaws in WhatsApp

The main drawback of using WhatsApp bot in this context is that the user can easily detect automatic answers.

It is very important to have your chatbot well improved, so it doesn’t end up being bad and used as a way against the company.

The advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp for your business

We have already outlined the main advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp bot services. WhatsApp Bot advantages are very advanced, but, you see, there is still a lot to do. The truth is that the possibilities of these tools are incredible.

It is true that using WhatsApp bots in some companies is a good way to reduce costs and increase profits. But you should think about all the pros and cons before adding them to your business.

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