Advantage of WhatsApp Business API in e-commerce

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging system, with more than 2 billion active users worldwide as of February 2020. WhatsApp users are not only available, but also incredibly active, sending more than 65 billion messages on a daily basis.

Not surprisingly, more and more consumer companies are adopting WhatsApp to interact with their customers on a rich and easy-to-use channel like WhatsApp.

The best reason whatsapp is used for business is that many customers may already use it and love this platform to interact with companies.

According to the Facebook Messaging Survey, 67% of mobile messaging app users said they expect to use chat more to connect with companies over the next two years. Moreover, 53% of respondents said they were more likely to shop with a business they could directly email.

Important information about WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business was launched not long ago, enabling small business marketers to expand their reach to consumers and users. Now, Facebook has gone a little further and launched Whats App Business API for large businesses.

With Whats App Business API, Whats App now provides companies with the opportunity to interact with their customers directly via whats app. It has opened a whole new way for companies to delight their customers.

Whats App Business API is designed to allow companies to respond to customer queries, or provide them with other information they have requested.

Because it’s an API, there’s no front interface available and no app. The idea is that companies will take the end point of Whats App Business API to integrate them into their technology group.

This Whats App Business API contains three basic usages:

To create a branded business presence on Whats App.

Send automated notification messages.

Reply to incoming messages manually.

How e-commerce companies can take advantage of Whats App Business API

Because e-commerce companies have limited physical interaction with customers, it’s important to make their online interactions instant, easy and powerful. Platforms such as Whats App allow companies to do so.

Whats App Business API has opened a new way for customers to participate in the e-commerce business.

Whats App Business API importance to gain new customers

Whats App Business API provides a great opportunity to offer advanced chatbot services and subscription capability to attract potential customers in your store.

Chat on site: Instead of waiting for chat bot to help the site in the corner of the site, you can create a chat button or Whats App button to invite site visitors to interact with you. You can also create chat bots to attract potential customers and help visitors with your purchase.

Sign up for notifications: This way allows potential customers to receive notifications, news, and updates through a channel that they check and use frequently. For example, your customer can sign up to receive a notification when a product returns to stock or when the price falls.

CTA Campaign Ads: A great way to increase acquisitions is to use click-to-Whats App policies in your paid campaigns. That is, when potential customers click on your Facebook or Google ad, instead of the landing page, they’ll be invited to a Whats App conversation that directly attracts them.

WhatsApp Business API to deliver a great experience after purchase

The true power of WhatsApp Business API lies in the automated notifications you can send through. Once customers make a purchase and allow (or select this as your preferred way to receive notifications) your business send them notifications, you’ll get a very powerful tool to deliver a great post-purchase experience to your customers.

Here are some ways e-commerce companies improve the customer experience after purchasing with WhatsApp.

Order updates: E-commerce companies traditionally use email and SMS to send order information. WhatsApp Business API has opened a new channel for companies while making it more suitable for buyers. With the help of whatsApp Business API, you can send different order updates to customers to their favorite messaging channel.

Delivery tracking: Using GPS to share a live location has always been a useful feature on WhatsApp. You can now perform live site sharing for your customers to locate their deliveries using WhatsApp Business API.

This will be particularly useful for e-commerce companies, as customers will be able to track the package without switching between applications.

Custom recommendations: Sending customized product recommendations is a great way to increase the lasting value of value while interacting positively with your customers. WhatsApp Business API lets you send product recommendations and files

To collect comments: WhatsApp Business API helps you reach your customers with their most commonly used messaging app, and collect instant comments with their responses. Take advantage of the data you receive to better understand your customers with more reliable reports based on a larger set of responses.

Activating Loyalty Program Sharing: Customer Loyalty Programs are a great way to reward your customers for increasing your sales. Through WhatsApp Business API, customers can easily use the app to track and manage their loyalty points. They can also search for personalized offers, search for rewards and receive targeted notifications on the go.

Easy to handle FAQs with WhatsApp Business API

If you’re in e-commerce, one of your main goals is to provide your customer with a seamless shopping experience. Right from the time your customer opens your website until the final payment is made, customers always have questions before deciding to complete the purchase.

These FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS CAN RANGE FROM PRODUCT OR COMPANY INFORMATION, REFUND POLICIES, DELIVERY OR PAYMENT INQUIRIES AND MORE. Often, the FAQs you have listed on your website may not answer your customers’ queries, so there is a high probability that your purchase will not be complete if your customer is not answered to your satisfaction.

Quick responses are a great way to deal with all these FAQs by automation and increase your conversion rate as customers are provided with an immediate solution.

WhatsApp Business API to expand your customer support on WhatsApp

Direct messaging apps, including WhatsApp, have become indispensable tools for consumer satisfaction. Global trends are developing a trend towards 1:1 customer service across peer-to-peer messaging platforms.

WhatsApp Business API allows WhatsApp to be integrated with your current customer support system.

Shopping, Payments, and Customer Service on WhatsApp

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