10 reasons you’re at risk of blocking your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp can temporarily or permanently block mobile phone numbers for users who violate the terms of the free messaging app, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most common apps used by billions of users worldwide. The free messaging platform is used to send messages and make voice and video calls, however, it is important not to misuse the platform because it may block or suspend your account.

10 reasons you’re at risk of blocking your WhatsApp account

Reason 1: Sending illegal, immoral, defamatory or threatening messages

In accordance with WhatsApp terms and conditions, you can be prevented from sending “illegal, immoral, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful” messages, causing a ban on your WhatsApp account.

Reason 2: Messages promoting violent crime

Your WhatsApp account will be blocked if you are sending messages to users promoting violent crimes, which is a definite and unsuitable reason, you must adhere to the WhatsApp usage policy and who wishes to fully protect the platform against any external threat.

Reason 3: Creating a fake WhatsApp account for someone

One of the prohibited things on WhatsApp is impersonating someone and creating a fictitious WhatsApp account for someone. WhatsApp will prevent you from impersonating anyone.

Reason 4: Send too many messages to users who are not on your contact list

According to WhatsApp service terms, sending many messages to users who are not on your contact list, where sending illegal or unauthorized communications such as group messages, automatic messages, automatic ordering and the like is also contrary to their terms and conditions.

Reason 5: Try to change or modify WhatsApp programming

Another thing that could block your WhatsApp account is trying to change or modify the WhatsApp app code. As the company says in its terms and conditions, “… Perform reverse engineering, change, modify, or create works derived from our services, unpack or extract them.”

Reason 6: Using WhatsApp to send viruses or malware to other users

Let’s be clear, given the recent intense competition from messaging apps that threaten WhatsApp, especially in attracting users’ attention, WhatsApp wants to control the situation and keep the app far from the nearest competitors, so using WhatsApp to send malware or viruses may threaten the stability of the service when another user will block your account once and for all, WhatsApp is a platform that cares about users’ security.

Reason 7: Trying to hack into WhatsApp servers or spy on someone

As mentioned in Reason 5, you may also lose your WhatsApp account if you try to hack into WhatsApp servers or try to collect information about other users illegally.

Reason 8: Using a modified version of WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus

Using modified versions of WhatsApp may block your account, and using a third-party WhatsApp Plus app may also block you from WhatsApp. As the company says on its website, WhatsApp Plus is an app that has not been developed by WhatsApp and is not authorized by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus developers have nothing to do with WhatsApp developers.

Reason 9: Get blocked by many users

You can also be blocked from WhatsApp, if many users block you. This means that if too many users block you in a short period of time, you’ll probably end up losing your account, due to protecting users from you.

Reason 10: other users reported against you

WhatsApp also allows its users to report a contact or set of their profile information. If WhatsApp finds their complaint legitimate, it reserves the right to deactivate your account.

The permanent WhatsApp ban may be irrevocable, unless the user is accidentally blocked. The only option a user has when facing a permanent ban is to contact WhatsApp support explaining the valid reasons why their account should be blocked.

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